Your Military Life...

A quiet place for the veteran, soldier, sailor, airman, Marine to reflect on service time and civilian transition; refine communication skills; reconnect to education, training, work.

Rebuild Your Narrative

Often, catharsis is seen as an ‘Either-Or’ choice; a dilemma that veterans shouldn’t have to face. Your Military Life is a quiet place for the veteran, solider, sailor, airman or Marine to reflect on, understand and give meaning to service time and civilian transition.

By exploring life narratives, veterans and troops are better able to move from the past through the present and into the future. The notion that “what we can begin to write about, we can begin to own” becomes more than a cliché for veterans examining their lives.

Your Military Life guides the reader through writing a life story, refining communication skills and reconnecting their path to the world of work, education and social interaction.


Said about the author:

“As a student, veteran, father, husband, and soldier, I was pleased to observe Professor Bottita challenge young students to think more deeply about their lives. His level of professionalism is a credit to the university and department.”

—student, Indiana University South Bend


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